Professional Simulator


Immersion Guaranteed

Professional Simulator


Immersion Guaranteed

(NEW) VRX6 SP Trainer

Discover our new 6-axis VR/MR Training Device

TurnKey Simulators


We provide a wide range of Customizable TurnKey Simulators, covering industries such as Racing & Aviation.
Your simulator will be Assembled and Tested in our Warehouse in Barcelona, Spain, and Calibrated for its intended use.
We carefully select the Equipment and Components to be of utmost Highest Quality for Max Durability.

Motion Platforms

400 – 5000kg

Add motion to your simulation rig in order to improve the sensation and immersion.
Suitable for multiple Industries.
Options from 2DOF – 6DOF (Full Motion) with Payloads from 400kg to 5000kg.
SDK is available in order for you to integrate with your own application.



Commercial Airliners – Recreational Flying – Helicopters

Ground / Sea

Racing – Combat Vehicles – Marine

Science / Research

Medical – Industrial Testing – Universities

Decades of Experience

Our Team has Decades of Real Experience in the Aviation Business.
We do Walk the Talk.
Safety & Reliability

We have implemented Conservative Safety Margins and all Equipment undergoes Stress Tests in order to meet CE Standard

Virtual Reality (VR)

All equipment is Virtual Reality Compatible with all Major VR Headset Brands. Together with the Motion Platforms we utilize Motion Compensation in order to synchronize and neutrulize unwanted movement within the virtual world.

Fully Customizable

No Project is too big for us. All types of Simulators and Motion Platforms are customizable to fit your needs. Get in Contact with our Team and let us know your requirements


We offer a 1 year Warranty on All Equipment, with Possibility to Extend Yearly up to 5 Years. Contact Us for More Information.


Our Extended Premium Support Service lets our Team be on standby to help you sort out any issues that may arise in order to keep all Downtimes to a Minimum.


We Highly Recommend, and Welcome You, to Visit our Showroom in Barcelona, Spain, in order for you to Try out All Equipment Before Purchase.


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