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We can’t emphasise this enough:

Training in all its forms is best practised if put in as close vicinity to reality as possible. Adding a motion platform to a fixed base simulation brings all of your otherwise sleeping senses into life. Being able to feel everything instead of just seeing it changes everything.

That’s why our dedication and passion lies in offering the most affordable, beautiful & immersive motion platform out there.

Motion Platform for Simulators

Feel simulation like you’ve never done before


The Best part?

It can be connected to almost all simulations available. Since there are professional and private users in all sectors, having the ability to adapt the platform for each specific simulation-requirement is an important step in our current and future development.

Already now you can enjoy Flight Simulation, Racing Simulation, Rollercoaster Ride & other VR experiences as well as the option to make it compatible with almost any Military applications that require its use.


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Motion Platform for Simulators

Feel simulation like you’ve never done before


How can you actually use this?

Do you already have a fixed base simulator or are you looking into acquiring a full simulator kit? Do you have an Entertainment Center or other VR Arcade? Or maybe you’re looking for an improvement and more immersive training programme for the military?

In all cases we will provide a customised personalised solution for your project in implementing our 6DOF motion platform.

The first thing that has to be determined is the total payload, including people, of the simulator. Basically we have 4 different models:

Max Payload:
– 400kg
– 800kg
– 1200kg
– 1500kg

The second thing to consider is how long stroke you’d like to have. Longer stroke generally means more immersion and bigger movements of the platform. We have the following options:

Stroke Length:
– 400mm
– 800mm


That’s not all

Next up you can see a couple of concepts in how we can implement the full motion system to flight simulation.
The first image is a 1/2 sized cockpit of the Fighter Plane (JAS 39 Gripen) attached to the full motion platform. Suggested simulation platforms are: DCS (Digital Combat Simulator), Aerofly FS2, Prepar3D, War Thunder & Bohemia’s VBS3 (Virtual Battlespace 3). 

The second image is an ongoing project that almost is finalised by the time of writing. That full motion (6DOF) platform of 1500kg payload will have an Airbus A320 Fixed Flight Simulator attached on top and will run on the Prepar3D V4 flight simulation software. Should you prefer FSX, Prepar3D V3 or X-Plane, to name a few, it’s all compatible.

A rendering of a 1/2 sized Fighter Cockpit coupled with a VRXsim® Full Motion Platform


Motion Platform for Simulators

A320 Flight Simulator on a VRXsim® Full Motion Platform


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