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What is it that attracts people so much to VR Platforms? 

  • Is it because of the futuristic look? 
  • Because it extends beyond our imagination? 
  • Or just because of the fact the we can imagine ourselves playing games with a real sensation and feeling while moving around freely?

–> Well, it’s kind all of the above


KAT mini – Omni-directional VR Platform


The human mind has always been curious about new things and especially things that previously only was an imagination. When the KatWalk Premium was released by KAT VR during the summer of 2017 it blew peoples minds away. 

Less than a year has gone by since then and KAT VR has already developed, produced and distributed the new KatWalk (or KatWalk V2), or how it’s more commonly known as, the KAT mini. 


of this new Omni-directional VR Platform is that it’s much more convenient… in all ways. 

For starters it’s way smaller and lighter than its predecessor making it much easier to assemble and dissemble.
If your business is oriented towards events  your job suddenly became a walk in the park. 

It can support a higher player weight, takes up less space, has less maintenance with no feet sensors, and a newly developed game launcher directly via the VR Glasses. Oh, by the way, PlayStation’s PSVR is now also supported, along with the other major VR Headset brands HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PIMAX.


KAT mini VR Arcade


Bring PRICE into the equation:
While you may feel that the improvements stated above were quite good, and that you probably would have expected an Increased price like on any other Apple keynote, the price for the KAT mini instead is 33% less than the KatWalk Premium. 

Comparing it to its competitor Virtuix Omni, the commercial pricing is also starting with around 32% savings, or 4.000€!

Bottom Line?
The KAT mini is not that mini after-all. All additional features it includes together with a huge price cut and savings against its competitors, it is an interesting addition to a VR Arcade/Entertainment center. If you want to stand out from all the other VR Centers that still, after 2 years, use Stationary outdated VR pads; invest in the future. In the end what people look for is new yaw-dropping technology that sets a new standard in the world of Virtual Reality.

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KAT mini VR Arcade