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Let’s cut to the chase:

We all like different things. Having been in the VR business for more than 2 years and with more than 20.000 people trying our simulators we feel confident that combining several experiences into one machine not only saves you investment capital, but also widens your audience exponentially.

Instead of just having a simple Racing Simulator that generally attracts racing-interested men in the ages 16-45, you can now also attract women and children with the rollercoaster and other passionate aviation lovers with the flight simulation.


4DOF Motion Sim


So that’s exactly what we did:

Combine the 3 experiences into 1 simulator (3-in-1) and increase your potential revenue and speed up your Return on Investment (ROI). Utilise all the 3 experiences of Racing, Flying and Rollercoaster to your advantage and prepare your business for a boost in sales.


What Else Could be Done?

To widen the audience even further a good idea would be to invest in professional equipment (steering wheels, pedals and flight controls) to make it even more suitable for professionals to utilize the motion simulators. This would have the positive effect of not only using them for entertainment, but now also for professional users.

Our simulators are also ready for telemetry performance analysis, making it even more interesting for professionals. This topic will be covered in another blog post.

If your intended use is for professional or commercial use, we recommend our Silver+ Turnkey Motion Simulator Package https://www.vrxsim.com/en/products/simpacks/pro4dof/ )


Professional Steering Wheel


Professional F1 Steering Wheel


The Result?

Having the combination of Virtual Reality & Motion and Professional Equipment let’s you have a very well positioned product with a wide audience. When combining several experiences into 1 simulator you’ll need less capital to invest and you’ll receive a Higher ROI.

Acquiring a VRXsim® VR Motion Simulator does not only give you all of the above, but it also let’s you spend significantly less than other overpriced devices in the same business. We offer Motion options of 2DOF, 4DOF and 6DOF, where the sensation becomes higher the more DOF (Degrees of Freedom) you select.

Review our Different Models and Options Here


Professional VR Motion Simulator