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You could Do it…

… like everyone else … or you could stand out from the rest and create a mid/long-term and futuristic Entertainment Centre with equipment that less than 10% of the general population would/could have at home.


What Everyone do and Why it Doesn’t work long term

Did you get excited and thrilled when you tried VR Glasses the first time? Then you came up with the idea that: Hey, I also want to start a VR Arcade! And guess what, it’s not that expensive;

Just get a couple of HTC Vive Glasses for 1500€ each and a couple of computers for another 1500€ each and you’d be up and running, happily selling VR Experiences to the public. Or?

Virtual Reality has at time of writing existed for around 2,5 years and we at VRXsim® were fortunate enough to be one of the first to offer cool and futuristic technology to the public of Barcelona, Spain. Back then people were actually thrilled to enjoy a pair of glasses and get lost in a different world. It was a time when nobody had ever tried something like it and it was simply a revolutionary way of doing gaming.

Today the VR Business is different. People have tried it, enjoyed it, and is now even having their own VR Headset and VR Pads (Vive Controllers or Oculus Touch) at home playing.

There is a catch though,

Arcade Centers tend to follow a trend that if you don’t upgrade your equipment to the most recent on the market, people find it more interesting and convenient to use it at home instead. For VR Headsets we’ve come to the point where there are a lot of second hand Oculus Rift and HTC Vives available for just a few 100€ making it relatively easy and cheap for Anyone to get Virtual Reality up and running. This is also why there is a constant downward trend for VR Arcades in terms of revenue.


So what should I do?

Invest in New and more exclusive technology that normal people generally can’t afford to buy, or it’s simply not convenient to have it at home as it might take up too much space.

By selecting Proven High-Return and appreciated VR Products, such as the 3-in-1 Motion Simulator and the affordable Omni-Directional VR Platform KAT mini, or, a 6DOF Motion Simulator dedicated specifically for aviation enthusiasts, you don’t only have technology that no other Standard Gaming Centre has, but also equipment that 99% of the people don’t have at home.

This way you will stand out from all the rest. The con is that the investment is higher and the ROI (Return on Investment) might Seem that it takes longer. But what you actually do is that you would invest in the future in professional equipment that can be diversified into several different markets and demographics.


The Bottom Line is

People Love New and Undiscovered technology
People Love Exclusive and Professional equipment
People would Love to do it again unless they can have it at home