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Starting the Virtual Venture

Virtual Reality eXperience S.L, or more commonly known as, VRXsim®, was formed in mid 2016 by the two Co-founders Victor & Sergi. 

The initial intention with the company was to sell VR Experiences in shopping centers and thus we started off by putting 2 (3-in-1) VR Racing/Flying/Rollercoaster Motion Simulators in a big shopping center in Barcelona, Spain. There we stayed for about 8 months gathering information and interesting customer behavior data which proved to be extremely valuable for our future operation. 


3DOF Motion Sim – That’s where it started


Adapting for Future Growth

We later decided to change the path of the company into a more equipment sales and rental oriented business model. The experience we brought with us from being in the shopping center gave us a clear idea and understanding of what people like, don’t like and how to easily predict sales depending on which kind of people and how much people that pass by your stand. 

It also gave us the insight in how important the people you have working for you are, and how they perform in their sales duties.


VRXsim® 4DOF Motion Sim displayed at Mercedes AutoBeltran in Barcelona, Spain


The Result?

Today VRXsim® is focused on sales and short-term rentals for company events and other parties. We have attended big events such as the Kids Festival, Ocasión, Automobile and Barcelona Games World to name a few.


VRXsim® Attending Automobile Barcelona


Our dedication towards motion platforms have increased and we’re very happy to be able to offer one of the most affordable high quality 6DOF Motion Platforms available, designed and tested in Barcelona, Spain.


Motion Platform for Simulators

Feel flying like you’ve never done before


An insight

Both the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and the CBO (Chief Business Officer) of VRXsim® normally work as Airline Captains and have more than 15.000 hours combined. This two decade long aviation experience gets directly translated into what’s being done and offered at VRXsim®. We value professionalism and customer relations the most while we at the same time are keen and open for suggestions of how to improve our services even more. 



At time of writing we’ve happily delivered products to 6 different countries. We’re able to do customer support in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French and Swedish) and our availability is worldwide with a 48-hour response limit on queries and requests and on top of that we offer a readily available distance-support service to help you with any issues that arise.


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